SSS® Ultron 20TD Automatic Scrubber - Transaxle Drive

Item # 17022

  • Benefits: Intuitive, ergonomic controls for simple operation. Large 15-gallon solution tank improves working efficiency.
  • Two pad pressure settings for flexible cleaning
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum brush deck
  • No tools required for changing curved squeegee blades
Transaxle Drive, ea
  • Description

Durability and ergonomics are the hallmarks of the 20BA and 20TD automatic scrubbers. Clean and scrub all types of hard surfaces including resilient tile, ceramic, wood stone, concrete and more. Choose between the brush assist (20BA) or transaxle drive (20TD) based on your needs and budget. The brush assist drive system makes it easy to move the machine forward with little effort, or let the transaxle drive handle it. Quiet operation lets you clean anytime without interrupting others.